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Oh Lent…

6 Mar

Because I’m religious but not spiritual lately, I’m all about the lenten season (ha). I did appreciate the contemplative Ash Wednesday service last night. I spend a lot of time thinking by myself, not so much time meditating and being quiet. My ADD brain struggles with it but it’s a good struggle. Although, because I was involved it wasn’t without it’s funny/awkward moments. (Like when I accidentally ate the body of Christ before I dipped it in Christ’s blood… oops…)

And when my cross ended up looking more like a dog:


***Did you hear the one about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac? …. she stayed up all night wondering if there really was a dog <- not my joke 😀

As with all spiritual practices, I believe in flexibility and not taking oneself too seriously (see above). I also like the idea of giving something up to remember the suffering around the world and taking something up to better yourself. I’m giving up texting at red lights (I swear it’s only at red lights!!! (mostly)) and I’m going to do a spending fast after spring break. I’m taking up blogging more. I can’t say everyday (mercy for myself) because I already missed yesterday and because I often fail at these goals (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). Are you giving up anything? Taking up anything? Slowing down and contemplating?