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Religious, not Spiritual

15 Dec

I promise to not always write about religion/God/spirituality, but, lately, it seems like it is the thing that I tend to think the deepest about. Often, you hear people say, “I am spiritual, but not religious.” People balk at church, rules, archaic rituals, but feel a deep connection to a higher being.

2012-10-09 09.11.15

I think I might be the opposite. I love going to church, saying liturgy, singing hymns, lighting candles, passing peace… but I am not convinced that I feel a deep connection to God or another supreme being. My bestie suggests: maybe you are “Religious, but not spiritual?” Haha.

I would not say I am “unspiritual.” (LOVE the double-negative?) I feel deeply connected to other people and to the earth.  I KNOW we are all connected, deep in my being. That when an innocent or even guilty life is lost prematurely, that there is a strand suddenly voided in the net that holds us all together; that we become asthenic. Maybe this connection is simply the spiritual/God within us.

There have been times that the only way I could connect to anything spiritual was to recycle and to share with strangers and friends. There have been times that I feel much closer to something celestial. I am where I am in the process, for now, I relish being religious but not spiritual.

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